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Amit Rapaport Founder COMPETE. "If the world doesn't make sense, take a hammer and break the world”

Episode Summary

WELCOME BACK to another episode of Founder Storiez, Now if this is your first time listening I want you to get ready for an incredible journey. This podcast is raw - emotional. - vulnerable. We go into depth, with each entrepreneur what drives them to succeed. Today we have a special guest. Amit Rappaport is a wife and a mother of 3. She lives her life by this saying: "If the world doesn't make sense, take a hammer and break the world” She's the founder of an incredible company called COMPETE which recently raised $2.5Million from Aleph Ventures, new from Vine Ventures, and others. Compete was launched during the height pandemic and during this time was able to get 200 Customers! In our conversation, we go into what drives her, why started a 2nd career as an entrepreneur and launch a company, also how she balances her family. Amit thank you for this incredible conversation and your honesty. you are truly amazing! There's no doubt, when you the listener, listen to this episode, once, twice or 3 you will learn so many incredible things to implement in your life today! So Have a great listen, and please share with your friends who you think can benefit too. Now, this is important so listen closely, to reach more listeners please subscribe and leave a review. Amit Rapaport Ephraim Yarmak: Ephraim Yarmak: